Summer Old Book Club: Jane Austen’s Persuasion

In June and July, Old Books With Grace will be doing Summer Old Book Club. Get out your regency dresses, practice your subtle insults, and prepare to be thrilled by lingering eye contact—we are reading Jane Austen’s Persuasion! I have gathered some friends to discuss this incredible novel with me. These friends include a creative writer, two English professors, a math curriculum specialist for public schools, a structural engineer, a tutor for kids with reading disabilities, a documentary maker for NPR, and a Presbyterian pastor. There’s not one true Jane Austen scholar to be found in the mix. They share in common that they are smart, thoughtful, kind, curious people who are willing to talk about Jane Austen with me. Some of them have never read Persuasion before; some of them teach Persuasion every year to college students!

We will read three chapters at a time across these two months. I’m hoping you will join us for this summer reading adventure, by procuring a copy and reading along. Form your own reading groups, or read the novel in an existing book club. You can even invite friends to listen in on the podcast and have your own discussions (preferably with a glass of summery wine).

Note: My edition has volumes, some editions do not. Feel free to use whatever edition you have! I’ve used the ordering of my edition below but we are simply going three chapters at a time, so it should be easy to translate that into whatever your edition uses.

Schedule and Guests

June 2nd: Introduction to Jane Austen

June 9th: Vol. I, ch. 1-3 with Dr. Jessica Ward

June 16th: Vol. I, ch. 4-6 with John Irwin

June 23rd: Vol. 1, ch. 7-9, ch. 7-9 with Marisa Tualla

June 30th: Hiatus

July 7th: Vol. I, ch. 10-12 with Chelsea Fiske Swanson

July 14th: Vol. II, ch. 1-3 with Dr. Jessica Hines

July 21st: Vol. II, ch. 4-6 with Carol Irwin

July 28th: Vol. II, ch. 7-9 with Goodwyn Bell

August 4th: Vol II, ch. 10-12 with Scott Hamman