About Me

Hello! I’m Dr. Grace Hamman, a scholar of medieval literature and mother of three who loves old books, my family, and tea. I’ve published scholarly articles on Julian of Norwich, William Langland’s Piers Plowman, and the Pearl-poet. You can find out more about my scholarship at gracehamman.com.

Old Books With Grace is meant to share my love for old books outside of the academic context to my friends with young children, or working full time jobs, but who desire the challenge of lifelong learning. I aim to help us listen to the wisdom emanating from these long dead voices. My hope is that Old Books With Grace will empower you to approach often intimidating works of literature and theology and as a result, ask questions of our current age. We live in a time that values the new and the now more than ever. But I truly believe that these books speak outside of the echo-chambers in which we so often find ourselves and help us to find ageless truth from lost centuries.

I love to hear your thoughts and questions. Please reach out to me through the contact page if you have special requests about a work we could read together, or specific questions about something I’ve written about! Thanks for joining me.