Julian of Norwich and Jesus our Mother with Grace Hamman

I’m my own guest for this episode! I even answer my own get-to-know-you questions, just because I’ve always wanted to answer them myself 🙂

Today, dear listeners, is my birthday, May 17th. It was also Mother’s Day here in the United States on Sunday. And finally, either the 13th or the 8th (the Latin numerals for 8 and 13 look very similar in medieval manuscripts!) marked the 650th anniversary of Julian of Norwich’s strange encounter with God in the year of our Lord 1373. So it’s a big week, and I wanted to mark it myself in a special way.

For Julian is very special to me. Of all the medieval writers I study and adore, she is most my teacher and guide on this pilgrims’ way, on the via caritatis, path of love that characterizes following Christ. She has shaped my thought and desire deeper than I can say. I hope her words have seeped into my very bones. I often think of her when I am making decisions or facing something difficult or beautiful, about myself, about God, or about other people. I would love to have a conversation with her. So today, rather than having a guest on, in honor of these three occasions of this last week, I’m my own guest, sharing about Julian of Norwich, and her lovely, powerful meditations on Christ as our Mother.

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