A Book that Changed Me: Jason Baxter on Dante’s Inferno

This year’s Old Books with Grace Lent series, called “A Book that Changed Me,” offers four different conversations with guests on a book of their choice that changed them, made them think deeply about transformation, brought them closer to truth. Books can be mirrors—they can help us to consider ourselves in new light. Books invite us into conversation and reflection we would not have known to participate in without their guidance. Each of the guests in this series has chosen a book that invited them into reflection, remembrance, and self-knowledge. Each conversation is quite different—some more personal, others less—and the books span from the Middle Ages to the 1960s. And if you’re inspired, I’d love to hear about a book that changed you, on social media (find me on Instagram @oldbookswithgrace or on Twitter, @gracehammanphd). My second guest of the series is Jason Baxter, who has chosen to talk about Dante Alighieri’s descent into Hell, Inferno.

Jason Baxter is a college professor, speaker, and author of five books, including A Beginner’s Guide to Dante’s  Comedy and, most recently, The Medieval Mind of C.S. Lewis. He now lives in South Bend, where he is teaching great books at Notre Dame.

Listen now on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or the podcasting platform of your choice.

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