Enjoying Elizabeth Goudge with Julie Witmer

Have you heard of the midcentury fiction writer, Elizabeth Goudge, author of classics like The Little White Horse or The Scent of Water? I had not until very recently, and now I just love her work. Julie Witmer, founder of the Elizabeth Goudge Book Club, comes on to Old Books with Grace to talk about Goudge’s life and writings with me, from her talent for writing children, to her love for her characters, to her mischaracterization as a romance writer!

Julie Witmer is a teacher, garden designer and the host of the Elizabeth Goudge Bookclub on Instagram, where she shares the joy she has found in the works of this less-known twentieth century British author. For four years, she has been committed to encouraging new Goudge readers through Instagram “readalongs,” and creating a global community of those who love Goudge’s writings. 

Instagram link: https://www.instagram.com/elizabethgoudgebookclub/


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