Season Two of Old Books With Grace Begins!

I am very excited to kick off the new season of Old Books With Grace with a fantastic literary guest, author Haley Stewart from Carrots for Michaelmas and the podcast, Fountains of Carrots.

I first encountered Haley on Instagram, though she’s been running her popular blog on parenting, books, and Catholicism for a while now. Recently, she published a lovely piece on Madeleine L’Engle and her vocations of motherhood and writing in Plough Magazine. I truly love L’Engle so I was thrilled to see someone of Haley’s caliber writing very seriously about her influential–and I think underrated–work and spirituality.

In this episode, Haley and I talk about Madeleine L’Engle, parenting young kids with the help of old books, and a LOT of Jane Austen. She has a book on Jane Austen coming out soon, which I cannot wait to read. Haley gives us a sneak peek in the episode on some of its themes and chapters. I also could not resist asking her what she thought the worst Jane Austen adaptation was… listen to the episode to find out our thoughts.

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