Persuasion Week Eight: Ch. 10-12, Vol. II

Welcome to the final week of the Summer Old Book Club! What a journey! Thank you for reading alongside me and some good friends as we explored Jane Austen’s magnificent novel, Persuasion. This week I have a very special guest: my husband, Scott Hamman. He’s never read Jane Austen before, which makes this all extra exciting. Something else that made it exciting: my four year-old got up to go to the bathroom midway through this episode, which made for an entertaining and awkward interlude. Scott and I talk marriage, love, redemption and resurrection, Wentworth’s enviable letter writing skills, and so much more.

The two men in my life, my husband Scott and my son, Simon

Although I’ve said before that Scott is the Elizabeth Bennet to my Mr. Darcy–the fun one at parties, funny, smart, kind but with an edge, strongwilled, attractive–of all the Jane Austen romantic leads he is definitely the most like Captain Wentworth. He figures out ways to get things done. He is undaunted by obstacles that would crumble most people. Among the various amazing things he has done: built an outside couch and table, become an avid sourdough baker, planted a massive garden, cooks like a gourmet chef, installs tile, electric, and plumbing, remodels entire houses, rock climbs giant mountains, including El Capitan at Yosemite, supported me throughout graduate school, changed 80% of our three kids’ diapers before they were three months old. I cannot say enough good things about him. He is a structural engineer. We met our first day of college at the University of Arizona. Bear Down! We have three beautiful children together.

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