Persuasion Week Seven: Ch. 7-9, Vol. II

Welcome to the penultimate week of the Summer Old Book Club! Today, I invited my friend Goodwyn Bell to chat with me about the continuing drama with Mr. Elliot, how where you grew up affects how you read Jane Austen, Anne’s charming, blush-filled interactions with Captain Wentworth, the importance of Bath, the confusing lies of Mrs. Smith, what Jane Austen thinks of friendship, and so much more…

Goodwyn Bell, my dear friend

Goodwyn Bell is a Presbyterian pastor, mother of three, farmer with her husband Jack, and a dear, dear friend to me over the years. Goodie and Jack live outside of Durham, North Carolina on Bell Farm, and if you’re in the market in NC for some delicious eggs and meat, you need to google Bell Farm right away. Goodie and I met through Jack, because Jack is also a medievalist and we were in the same program at Duke. Goodie grew up in Memphis, went to college in Richmond, and eventually settled in North Carolina. She has her masters in divinity from Duke. We have always connected through conversation, ideas, and books, which made inviting her to come chat Persuasion with me a natural fit. Goodie is a gifted, intelligent, and compassionate teacher and speaker—her sermons are excellent. Her twin vocations as pastor and mother intersect wonderfully and inflect her insights into people, faith, and Jesus. I’m so thankful she is my friend.

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