Persuasion Week Six: Ch. 4-6 Vol. II

Welcome to Week 6 of the Summer Old Book Club and perhaps the first ever podcast episode featuring a grandmother and her granddaughter discussing Persuasion in great detail! This episode, my grandmother, Carol Irwin, and I think through Mr. Elliot, Mrs. Smith, the intricacies of rank and society in Bath, what a “good” pride entails, and so much more…

This week I welcome someone very special to me: my 86 year-old grandmother, Carol Irwin. Carol Irwin is originally from Nebraska but has lived in Phoenix now for a very long time. She is an incredible mother and grandmother. She was an English and music teacher for many years for junior high kids, which practically qualifies her for sainthood. Carol is a dedicated volunteer with the food bank ministry, St. Vincent de Paul and an avid reader. I like to partially credit my own obsession with books to her influences. She’s wise, kind, fierce, generous, and smart as hell. I’m so excited she agreed to come on her very first podcast!

My beloved, intelligent, indomitable grandmother, Carol Irwin

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