Persuasion Week Five: Ch. 1-3, Vol. II

We finally hit volume II! And we find ourselves in Bath, meeting the mysterious Mr. Elliot… this week, I welcome Dr. Jessica Hines as my conversational partner. We had a wonderful time talking about Jane Austen’s ideas on virtue, the ethical value of conversation, wondering about mirrors in the Regency period, and so much more.

Dr. Jessica Hines

Dr. Jessica Hines is an assistant professor of English at Birmingham-Southern College where she teaches classes on medieval literature, culture, and gender. Jessica and I met at Duke, where we were both medievalists and shared the same advisors. She received her doctorate there in 2017. We bonded over a love of tea and baked goods, and eventually became working buddies and members of the same writing group. Jessica has a keen, creative mind and wit, and can sniff out even the most meandering argument from miles away. She writes on a fascinating array of topics, including compassion, suffering, gender and sexuality, and the politics of language. She has even taught Persuasion several times in her courses! Jessica is also a cat-mom to cats with wonderful names: Boudicca and Cleo. 

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