Persuasion Week Four: Ch. 10-12, Vol. I

Welcome back to the latest installment of the Summer Old Book Club! Today I chat with Chelsea Swanson about the last portion of volume I, chapters 10-12 of Persuasion. They are rich in subtext–every conversation has multiple levels, and our quite lengthy conversation reflects all these rich layers! We lost track of time and went a bit longer than usual. I hope you enjoy it!

The Incomparable Chelsea Swanson

Chelsea Swanson is one of my oldest friends. We met in kindergarten, when I bossily told her that she shouldn’t touch her eye. Surprisingly after that beginning, we hit it off. We even made a documentary about our senior year of high school called “The MC” (Maricopa County, a somewhat spoof of Laguna Beach). Chelsea radiates intelligence, balance, curiosity, and a great sense of fun. As a video producer and editor, she works on science-oriented documentary projects. She has developed some fantastic Science Fridays for National Public Radio, including segments that spotlight women scientists and explore topics like how glowworms glow and reading the brains of dogs in MRI machines (definitely google her!). She lives in Portland with her husband, Brandon, and daughter, Jo (partially named in honor of Jo in Louisa May Alcott’s Little Women).

Don’t forget, she also created this incredible Persuasion personality quiz.

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