Persuasion Week Three: Ch. 7-9, vol. I

Welcome to week three of reading Jane Austen’s Persuasion with the Summer Old Book Club! Today, I chat with my old college friend Marisa Tualla, a math curriculum specialist, about ch. 7-9 of vol. I.

Marisa Tualla, my good friend and guest for this week

Marisa and I met in college, at the University of Arizona in 2006. We were housemates for two years in college and became close friends (she was one of my bridesmaids). A proud Arizonan, Marisa taught math to middle schoolers for many years before teaching math overseas in China and Portugal. She is now a math curriculum specialist for a school district in Phoenix, and received her Master’s in Education from Grand Canyon University a few weeks ago. Marisa is curious, really fun, and truly faithful and present in the lives of people she loves. She loves to travel and has been to 40 countries. Marisa is also the person I turn to for fashion advice and one of my favorite movie-watching pals.

We talk Jane Austen on gender and women (can we think of Jane Austen as a feminist?), loneliness, the fascinating and unusual presence of children in this section, among many other things.

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